Activity and service

Here some of the activities and services available in Maksamaa archipelago is presented

Children and youngsters

• School, classes 1-6, Särkimo
• Preeschool and daycare, Särkimo
• Family café, Särkimo
• Swimming school, Särkimo
• Youth center, Särkimo


• Guest harbor, Kummelskär, Mikkelinsaaret
• Guest jetty Stråkaviken contact information: Per Jåfs 0500-166305
• Guest jetty Abborgrund contact information: Ulf Östman 050 5626361
•Fishing port Stråkaviken contact information: Per Jåfs 0500-166305
• Marina Stråkaviken contact information: Per Jåfs 0500-166305
• Marina Särkimo contact information: Kurt Finne 050 5579196
• Marina Teugmo contact information: Jyrki Hirviniemi 044 5009099 or Christer Bäck 040 7733901
• Marina Kvimo contact information: Roy Andersson 0500 368899
• Marina Djupön, contact information Vöyri municipality

Food and café

• Olivias Café & Grill, Brudsund
• Wästinn & café, Västerö
• Granholms, Västerö
• Café Kummelskär, Mikkelinsaaret
• Summer café/kiosk, Österö

Camping and beaches

• Caravan sites without electricity, Västerö/Sandskatan
• Särkimo schoolyard. Here there are changing booths, playground, a place where you can barbecue, table and benches. Water samples are taken every summer.
For those who want to swim:
• Stråkaviken, Österö
• Grisgrund, Österö
• Djupön, Lövsund
Here there are changing booths, outhouse, swings, a place where you can barbecue, table and benches.
• Sandskatan, Västerö Here you can find an outhouse, tables, benches and a place to barbecue.

Sea lanes

•Nautical chart number for Maksamaa archipelago: Merenkurkku 826, 827, 828, 829
• At you find current information about guest harbors and sea lanes
•Sundom båtklubb has published a nautical chart over sea lanes for small boats. There you can find smaller sea lanes that the locals use.
Maxmo motorbåtsklubb is responsible for the marking. Remember that the markings are only indications and in places the depth of the sea lanes can be less than 70 cm during low tide.

Fishing industry

• Fish cleaning/service house, Stråkaviken
• Fish hall, Särkimo
• Fishing port, Stråkaviken
• Fishing wharf, Kvimo
• Fishing wharf, Brudsund
• Fishing cottages on Mikkelinsaaret at Utroddgrund and Norra Hopören

Culture and history

• The choir Maximus
• Book bus, Vöyri municipality
• Community college classes, Vöyri municipality
• Fishing museum, Österö
• Craftsman’s shed, Österö
• Equity memorial, Västerö
• Troy Towns, Krokskär and Kolaningen
• Russian stone ovens, Skrävelbådan
• Compass roses, Stor-Kolaningen and Krokskär

Church activities

• House of prayer, Österö
• Village church, Brudsund
• Särkimo Pentecostal church, Ulot
• Lassusgården, Lövsund

Meeting places

• Youth center, Österö
• Youth center, Särkimo
• Community center, Djupsund
• Community center, Kvimo
• Särkimo school, Särkimo


• Mailboxes are found in Kvimo and Särkimo
• Posi Parcel Locker can be found in downtown Maksamaa

Waste disposal
•Recycling station, Maksamaa
•Waste disposal unit, Särkimo
•Eco stations are located in Särkimo, Djupsund, Kvimo, Västerö