Associations in Maksamaa archipelago

There are many active associations in Maksamaa archipelago. Here the activities of the different associations are presented.

Djupsund-Lövsund-Teugmo byaråd rf

The association manages the toboggan slope in Djupsund and the beach in Lövsund. In Djupsund the association has a community center. The community center is rented out for different kinds of purposes. The community center fits around 40 people if you want to set the table for everyone. Chairs, tables and tableware can also be rented separately.

The association organizes different theme nights and fellowship enhancing events during the year. The toboggan ballyhoo held in February for families with children is a popular event, as is the Christmas porridge event in December.

Contact chairwoman Lena Småros-Kock for more information: 040 9100069


Föreningen Folkhälsan i Maxmo

The association organizes swimming school at Finnholmen and Särkimo school. Do you know what the definition of a person who knows how to swim is in the Nordic countries? A person who after falling into deep water so that his/her head is submerged, manages to swim 200 meters, of which at least 50 meters on his/her back, after reaching the surface, is considered a skilled swimmer. Our goal is to make the children of Maksamaa skilled swimmers.

The association also organizes Mimosel-meetings for the elderly in Maksamaa and family café for children and parents. The association organizes excursions, lectures and exercise groups among other things. In summer, walks are organized in the immediate surroundings. You also rent children’s car seats, baby monitors and life jackets. They are rented out via the counselling bureau.

For more information you can familiarize with their Facebook page: Folkhälsan i Maxmo


Sports association

In the beginning of the 2000’s Skärgårdens Bollklubb was an active association behind among other things the ice rink at Särkimo school. Today the activities are managed by a rink section within Maxmo sportklubb. The maintenance is possible thanks to volunteers that help out. The rink is kept up in winter when the weather allows. The rink is excellent for playing rink bandy. The rink is mainly used by school and daycare children during the daytime. In the evenings it is used by all those who like to put on a pair of skates.

Those who have questions about the rink can contact chairman of the rink section Jonas Holm at phone number 050 5610700. For other sports activities in Maksamaa, see Maxmo sportklubb, MSK. Link: Maxmo Sportklubbs Facebooksida/

Hunting associations

In Maksamaa archipelago the hunting associations Teugmo jaktklubb, Kvimo jaktklubb, Maxmo skärgårds jaktförening (Särkimo) and Österö-Västerö jaktförening are active. All hunting associations in Vöyri, Oravainen and Maksamaa belong to the game management association Vörånejdens jaktvårdsförening. More information about the game management association, the hunting associations and contact information can be found at the association’s website: Vörånejdens Jaktförening

Maxmo motorbåtsklubb rf

Maxmo motorbåtsklubb is an association that dates back to 1987. The activity include maintaining the sea lanes for small boats in all of Maksamaa archipelago and securing the boat routes for those boating in the archipelago.

If you notice that the position of some navigation marks has shifted or disappeared, contact Peter Öling at phone number 050 5530 985. On the association’s website corrections and updates of new sea lanes on Maksamaa yachting chart are published. You can also turn to the club if you find new, dangerous rocks. Find out the coordinates of the rock and send the information to

In mid-June we organize inspection of boats for those who want to make sure that all their necessary equipment is in order. Those with inspected boats receive a discount on the insurance payment and has the right to use the official boat club flag. If you become a member of or donate to Maxmo motorbåtsklubb you can participate in the development of the boat routes. You have the possibility to affect where you want an improved and marked sea lane. Maxmo motorbåtsklubb has played an active role in the work of Solrutten. Solrutten has improved the sea lanes in all of Ostrobothnia during the 2010’s.
Read more on their website: Solrutten
More about Maxmo motorbåtsklubb on the association’s own website: Maxmo Motorbåtsklubb


Maxmo-Särkimo brandklubb rf

Maxmo-Särkimo Brandklubb r.f is a mutual association founded by Maksamaa and Särkimo fire stations in 2016. In Särkimo fire depot 68 there are 2 fire trucks and 1 fire boat.

The smaller car (RP 687) is a squad truck that responds to all call-outs. This car is equipped with First Aid equipment. If someone suddenly takes ill we collaborate with the ambulance service. That means that we often reach the patient before the ambulance does. We have First Aid training and can start examining the patient. When the ambulance arrives we assist the emergency medics.

The bigger car (RP 683) is a tank car that fits 10 cubic meters of water. That is used for all call-outs. It is also equipped for traffic accidents, smaller oil recoveries, damages caused by storms and other accidents. The fire boat (FIRRP 688) is a bigger aluminium boat that stands on a trailer inside the fire station. In case of accidents out at sea Åbo Sjöräddning leads the missions.

If you want to join Särkimo Brandkår you can contact Daniel Granholm ( 050-3685672 ). In order to be able to join call-outs one has to be 18 and complete a course of around 60 hours. One shall also attend the weekly drills. One can attend the drills and complete the course already at 16. We practice roughly 2-3 times a month.


Maxmo skärgårds fiskargille rf

Maksamaa archipelago’s fishing guild manages a water area of 20.177 ha jointly owned waters. The area stretches all the way out to Mikkelinsaaret. The fishing guild sells fishing permits for the area.
Contact chairman Kaj Kanto at phone number 050 5119940 or e-mail: if you want to obtain a fishing permit. The fishing guild has 170 members and sells more than 500 fishing licenses every year.

The guild plants trout, whitefish and pikeperch every year for a price of over 10.000 euros. One establishes protection areas and protection times. Fiskargillet is a member of Österbottens fiskarförbund and the association ”Levande skärgård”. They also have a representative present at Kvarkens fiskeområde’s annual meeting.

Fiskargillet has three sworn supervisors: Andreas Holm, Mats Norrgård and Carina Rönn. For more information about fishing, see Österbottens fiskarförbund: Fishpoint

vy från havete

Maxmo skärgårdsförening rf

Maxmo skärgårdsförening rf was founded in 2017. Before the association was founded, a group called Maxmo skärgårds utvecklingsgrupp had been appointed. This group was later registered as Maxmo skärgårdsförening rf.

The association is a collective body for different village associations and other associations in Maksamaa archipelago.

The association’s most important task is to support the collaborations between different players in the archipelago. Maxmo skärgårdsförening’s collaboration partners are among other authorities, associations, the municipality and companies. Maxmo skärgårdförening manages development issues, activities and events which concern the whole archipelago. The association runs a youth center in Särkimo for the youngsters of the archipelago.

The association maintains the website For more information contact chairman Mikaela Svanbäck at 050 5964769 or at


Musical association Maximus rf

The choir Maximus is a mixed choir that has existed for over 15 years. The choir practices every Wednesday evening in Särkimo school. The choir members come from different villages in Maksamaa archipelago but also from other places in Ostrobothnia. The repertoire varies. It consists of everything from traditional songs to more locally produced music. Concerts are regularly held both in the archipelago and on other locations. Besides that the choir likes to perform at different events.

The choir’s conductor is Peter Sjöblom, who also produces his own music and arrangements for the choir. The choir has over the years participated in music festivals in Turku and Kokkola and have also attended different choir trips. Welcome to join the choir Maximus!

sarkimo simstrand och skola

Särkimo-Brudsund byaråd rf

Särkimo-Brudsund Byaråd r.f. was founded in 1991 with the purpose of improving the fellowship, communal work spirit and the well-being in the villages Särkimo and Brudsund.

Byarådet offers access to a lovely beach with changing huts and bathing jetty next to Särkimo school, as well as a marina with room for fifteen boats in Särkimo. The association maintains a gym in Särkimo service house. The gym is open for all against an affordable fee. Information about fees and code locks can be found on the village council’s website. The association is responsible for the reconditioned fishing huts on Norra Hopörarna on Mikkelinsaaret. The council wants to keep the villages alive and fun through mutual projects, village fests and travels.

Villagers and summer guests who want to join the association and/or have new ideas as for how to make the villages more comfortable can contact chairman Kurt Finne at 050 5579196 or Katrin Norrgård at More information about Särkimo-Brudsund Byaråd is available at the association’s website: SärkimoBrudsund


Särkimo fria församling

Särkimo fria församling was founded already in 1933. In 1949 the association was registered and got the name Bönehusföreningen Särkimo fria församling r.f. The congregation is a Pentecostal congregation. Särkimo Pentecostal church is beautifully situated on Ulotskatan at Söderbrunn. Throughout the history of the soon 90 year old congregation it has employed a number of pastors. In later years the congregation has not had an employed pastor or other staff, and is instead led by a board. Different tasks are for the most part handled as voluntary work.

Activities organized are church services and different gatherings. For children there is Sunday school, ”Söndax”. The youth activity is organized whenever possible. Camp activity happens in collaboration with other Pentecostal congregations at Vassor lägergård (Vassor Lägergård). Together with the Lutheran congregation in Maksamaa "Daxträffen" is organized. We from Särkimo Pentecostal church address all ages. Everyone is welcome to participate in our gatherings.

Contact person: Berit Södergård or Mikael Södergård. The Pentecostal church’s website: Särkimo Pingstkyrka


Särkimo Hem och Skola rf

The purpose of the PTA association is to facilitate the cooperation between the parents of the children attending Särkimo school and the school’s staff. We want to encourage the homes and the school in order to give the children a safe and healthy environment to grow up in. Hem och skola also wants to function as a forum where the parents can support each other and bring forth their opinions when it comes to education and learning.

The association has renewed the school yard with play tools, plantations, tables and benches, a conservatory for teaching and a roof covered place to barbecue. The association organizes parent meetings and supports different project within the school’s activities. Those interested in the activities of the association can contact chairman Jonas Holm.


Österö-Västerö fiskargille rf

Österö-Västerö fiskargille rf. manages and keeps the fishing port and marina at Stråkaviken in good condition. They also manage the sea lane leading in to the harbor. At Stråkaviken there is a fishing hall, owned by the municipality of Vöyri, but managed by the guild. The fishing guild is responsible for the docks in the harbor and for the launching ramp.

Contact chairman Per Jåfs, phone 0500 166305 for more information. If you need a fishing permit you shall contact Maxmo skärgårds fiskargille rf.


Österö-Västerö byaförening rf

Österö-Västerö byaförening gathers members from Österö and Västerö – also some holiday home owners are members – and has around 120 members.

The village association handles and maintains UF Kusten’s facility, outbuilding and yard (address Österö 2130). The facility is rented out for meetings and parties. Contact the village association’s chairman Magnus Levón, phone 040 066 4308, if you wish to rent the premises.

The association handles the camping site on Västerö. You can camp out in your motor home or caravan right next to the sea. Here you can swim, barbecue and use the outhouse. In Stråkaviken there is a handicraft shop and a kiosk. The association runs the handicraft shop but rents out the kiosk in the summer to entrepreneurs.

In early July an archipelago fair is held, in mid-July there is a flea market race and in late summer - singalongs. A fall fair is organized in Stråkaviken and during the winter different get-togethers for villagers and archipelago residents are held.