Särkimo is often considered to be the center of the archipelago. Here the school is situated beautifully, right by the waterside. In Särkimo there is also a youth center. Next to the school you find a beach, a football field, a playground, ice rink and a small village gym. If you want to see more of the life in Särkimo you should take one of the small roads that lead to Kättalot, Ulot or Vilkmo. Here most of the people of Särkimo live in their cottages, often painted red. If you continue along the road towards Västerö you will eventually reach the new developed residential area Talludden. Here those who dream about a house by the sea can buy a piece of land and start making their dreams come true.


Särkimo-Brudsund Byaråd r.f. maintains a marina with fifteen moorings in the middle of the village of Särkimo. The association also handles the gym in Särkimo service house next to the school. The gym is open to everyone for a small fee. More information about fees and code locks is found on the village council’s website www.sarkimbruds.fi