Mikkelinsaaret is a group of islands in the outer archipelago. The 300 islands and skerries belong to the Merenkurkku World Heritage Site. Mikkelinsaaret had permanent settlement between the 1830’s and 1980’s. Mikkelinsaaret today is a popular destination among seafarers. There are some cottages on the islands and here a great deal of the cottage owners spend their time, both in winter and summer.

On Mikkelinsaaret you can really feel the history. As traces of the ice age you can see the land rising out of the sea. New skerries and islets are constantly forming. Between the islands there are many flads and gloe lakes. Here fish and birds thrive. You can also find ancient sites like ground floors of huts, stone ovens use by the Russians, Troy Towns and compass roses. Some houses and fishing huts from the time when Mikkelinsaaret were populated are still there and used to this day.

The Coast Guard was active on Kummelskär between 1950 and 1993. Today the old station is used as a nature station and guest harbor. In the old station building there is a café, overnight rooms and an observation tower.

Mikkelinsaaret can only be reached by boat.